The Ultimate Gift of Health- Amrit Copper Bottles

You have reached this article today because you were interested in Gifting something Unique or Unusual to your loved ones, and probably want to be remembered for a lifetime. A gift that would be a part of someone’s lifestyle and would also free them from 80% percent of the health issues. A gift that is worth every penny spent! We are talking about The Ultimate Gift of Health- Copper! Copper has been around for over 5000 years now and Ayurveda speaks a lot of good things about it. Before getting into the business of Copper I voraciously read articles in the favor and against the use of Copper Water in our lives and visited a lot of manufacturing units to get to the core of this business. Here is a quick summary of what I learned, Copper turned out to be a metal that can really change our lives. It is a mineral that is required for most of our Body functions related to Brain, Joints, Heart, Digestion, Skin glow, etc. The reason Copper shows this behavior is that it is one of those metals that infuses copper ions into the water, and has the capability to kill 1 million bacteria and viruses per mm, and also make water Alkaline in nature. Not only Copper, but Silver also shows the same effect. In scientific language, this is called the Olygodynamic effect by certain metals. We all know how costly Silver is, and cannot reach masses, hence I chose Copper. I faced a lot of critics who do not support the use of Copper and talk about Copper Poisoning. Here is a quick explanation of that. Copper limit in the body is of 2 mg and 10-12 hours of Storing water in a Copper vessel only infuse 0.25 mg of Copper ions, which is way below the threshold. At Amrit Copper Bottles, we do recommend to have this water first this in the morning, because your stomach is acidic and Basal Metabolic Rate at that time is high. Therefore, feeding alkaline water at this time balances pH, and assists in the Maximum of Health Benefits mentioned above. To all the “Cool Dudes”, Kindly understand the right way to use the product, Excess of Everything is bad! This gives birth to another question “Can you use these Copper Bottles in everyday use?” Of course, we can! On average, we finish a liter in 2-5 hours, that won’t infuse that much copper ion. And if you are someone, who is not able to finish a liter in 5 hours, you better start working on your Hydration needs. These magical effects of Copper makes it a Precious gift, and this is how Amrit Giftline Looks:

Before making these designs, we went through approximately 500 other designs, even tried Enamel Coated, but we learned that the Handmade Hammered Designs are Long Lasting. Plus, we have solved the Blackening(Patina) issues of the Copper from outside and Pre-oxidizing the designs. We call them our Hammered Antique collection. We also focused on the Weight and Purity of the Copper that we use to make the bottles and came out with a heavy-duty and Awesome looking Amrit Copper Bottles and Giftsets. And that’s how we were able to make the most Unique and Unusual Gift for Men and Women in Human History. Peace!With Love, Nishant Raheja Founder

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