Understanding the Basics, Before Buying Copper Bottle this Festival | A User Guide by The Amrit Life

Copper Water Bottle: Detailed User Guide on Maintenance, Right usage, & Quality Checks of a Copper Bottle.In Harry Potter movies, The Magic Wand chooses a specific Master, similarly, every Copper bottle is not for you. We see copper bottles everywhere online and people buy them on just the basis of Pricing, which is pretty sad because, in the era of technology and such smartness, we have seen people end up buying a Copper Bottle at discount/ random seller and faced difficulties after the first month of usage. Therefore, here is a collection of few quick tips, that will ensure your Copper Bottle at least stays with you for 10-12 years.

Follow these steps to ensure a long-lasting Copper Bottle!The Three Most Crucial things that you should keep in mind if you have thought of supplying Copper mineral to your body through a Copper Bottle, are:1. The Quality of the Copper Bottle;

2. The Right usage of the Copper Bottle;

3. The Maintenance of the Copper Bottle. Let us cover them one by one!a) The Quality of the Bottle- The quality of a Copper bottle is judged by three things: Purity of Copper – 1. The foremost thing that you have to ensure is the Purity of the Copper that is being used to make that bottle. This is crucial because only Pure Copper exhibits the Olygodynamic Property that infuses Copper ions into the water. Generally, Pure Armature Copper above 97.5% – 99% is needed for a good Olygodynamic effect. To ensure this level of purity, we recommend buying from an established brand or a manufacturer who gets the Metal Composition Test done at least once a year, especially, when bulk raw copper is ordered.2. The second check of copper purity is through a Magnet. Copper is a non-ferrous metal, which means a magnet cannot stick on it. So if you have a Copper bottle that sticks to a magnet, we are sorry to break your heart, it is not Pure Copper.

3. The third thing, that you might see with the usage is that the exposed Pure Copper turns black when it comes to the touch of the environment, which is a kind of purity check also. This is a natural property of pure Copper.Time for a Story from our own experience:We remember a client who came back to The Amrit Life shop, after 3 days of usage, to return the bottle because it had started to turn black from inside. He also brought his previous bottle that was shining from the day he had bought it. He mentioned that he had ordered it from Amazon. We got it tested and found out that it was Coated with lacquer from inside too. (Lacquer is a glossy paint used to cover Copper bottles from outside). Now the person selling these bottles is just a GST registered seller, who was not even aware of this problem. Apparently, that guy was literally consuming poisonous lacquer for a while now. We asked him to consult a doctor, suggested a pure copper bottle this time and he could literally feel the changes in energy levels after 15 days of right usage. We cannot blame Amazon here, but these are few things about the purity of Copper that even Amazon should worry about, where the life of consumers can be at stake. The emphasis that Amazon lays on Brand Certificate, should also be there on the Metal Composition Test when a seller chooses to sell Copper products.Moving on, the second quality check is:

b) Weight of Copper Bottle/Vessel- This is a very important factor that controls the life of the Copper bottle. The higher the weight, the more is the life of a Copper bottle. To give you a quantitative idea, if we need to manufacture a decent copper bottle, it can be done with 260-270 grams of Copper, however, if we increase the weight by just 20-30 grams of more Copper then the bottle becomes more sturdy and long-lasting. In the market, you will generally find the 250-265 grams range. At The Amrit life, we have both varieties available for all kinds of buyers. While ordering from any online site, do ask your seller about the weight of the Copper bottle. Sometimes you will find sellers trying to play smart by writing 450 gms in the weight category of their listing. Please note, 180-200 gms is the weight of their box or packaging, so it is the total weight that they add. c) Finish of the product- This is something that you will actually identify when you get the product in your hands. To judge this before buying, you may check/ask for a Youtube Channel link where the brand has displayed the product clearly through a video. For example, here is a clear Video showing samples of Copper Bottles with a Detailed Explanation.

You can also get the idea of finish through previous experiences of people. Now, that you have bought the Copper Bottle that is set to take care of your health, you need to understand that it is a two-way process. It is your responsibility to take care of the Bottle that is regulating 72% of your body, which is Water.A Copper bottle generally needs two types of maintenance once a week at least, Here are they:1. Cleaning of the Patina- As we discussed that the natural property of Copper is to turn black when it comes in touch with the environment, so, if you have a Plain or Matte Design, know that they will require both, inner and outer cleansing.

To Clean your Copper Bottle you can choose either one of them: 1. Home Remedies- Copper patina easily reacts to Citric Substances and Wood-Ash (Raakh). You may use a combination of Vinegar and Lemon or arrange wood-ash, (not difficult to find in villages), simply rub it over the surface of the wet copper bottle, and the patina will come off. This process is no doubt natural, but you will have a tough time cleaning your bottle from the inside, where the actual use of the product lies. Also, you gotta worry about the supply of Vinegar & Lemon. 2. Chemical Cleaners (Pitambri/Brasso)- These two chemicals are very popular in the market because they effectively clean the Patina off the Copper Bottle. To clean it from inside, you will need a bottle cleaning brush, and rub it all over the place, and then wash it. However, there are two disadvantages to these chemical cleaning agents. One, they can harm your skin badly and the chemical is very itchy when it gets into your nails. Secondly, They deteriorate the quality and finish of the Bottle.3. Amrit Cleaning Liquid: This is one of a kind Herbal liquid manufactured, by The Amrit Life, to clean Copper and Brass naturally with ease. This is made with the extracts of Amla and Bonsai Orange Fruit which is proven to clean the Copper and Brass Surfaces at just the Touch! Here are two quick videos to show the demonstration of Amrit Cleaning Liquid. The first video shows the Cleaning of a Copper Lota in just 2 minutes, at Touch!

The second video here shows how my 3-year-old kid cleaned the patina off the Copper with safety & ease!

One important thing to remember, once you are done Cleaning with the Amrit Liquid or any other method mentioned above, Dry up the surface completely, to avoid quick re-blackening of the surface. This may happen when you leave the surface wet and it comes in touch with the environment again. We understand it will be a big hassle, to maintain the copper bottle surface from the outside. From the inside, you may clean even once a week, this will not impact the Olygodynamic effect, but from outside, when the bottle turns black it will look dirty, especially, when you are carrying it to your workplace. For that, you may find some designs that are either Coated or Antiqued from the outside. Therefore, to avoid this hassle, you may go for more sturdy bottles like Antique Pine, as shown below. More details about the selection of Copper bottles have been shown in the first video of this blog.

Now, the second maintenance required for a Copper bottle is:2. Screeching Sound and Smoothness of Lid- Generally, the Copper bottles that you will find in the market, 90% have a Copper screwing system, so it is normal that when the patina comes over, you will face friction while closing the lid and also hear terrible screeching sounds, which is more disturbing for the people around you. Don’t believe me? Check out this small story: I remember vividly, taking a plain Copper bottle to the library every day and I am someone who needs 300-400ml water every hour. Initially, the librarian tolerated it, but 10th day she blatantly asked me to either change the bottle or go out whenever I feel thirsty. Obviously, I was not aware of a small 2 minutes hack, I had to unwillingly buy a steel bottle, that did not make a sound while opening.

Well, I was forced, because I did not know this small hack. All you have to do is apply Mustard oil to the screw part of the lid of your copper bottle thoroughly and rotate it a few times until the sound vanishes. Now wash it with normal soap liquid or Amrit Cleaning Liquid for best results. That’s it. It was this simple. I wish I knew it then. Here is a quick video to show the demonstration of the same:

Before you might say, that you will smell oil while drinking. No, you won’t! You need it to wash it properly! The second option is to go for a copper bottle whose lid has BPA free plastic screwing system. Milton launched a similar copper bottle recently, but the problem with that is the screwing system is not steady. We had similar bottles too, made in export quality, but they did not perform very well.Therefore, these are two important things that should be kept in mind when it comes to the maintenance of the bottle! It is a very practical idea to go for Antique designs like the Antique Pine if you want to get rid of the hassles of outer cleaning of your copper bottle.3. Right usage of the Copper Bottle:In the previous BlogCopper Deficiency 2021 we have shown the importance of Copper minerals in the human body, with the help of scientific facts and researches. Here is a quick summary of issues that can be caused even due to mild deficiency of Copper mineral in our body. And this is why we compared a Copper Bottle with the Magic Wand in Harry Potter Movies in the first line of this article.Problems caused due to Copper deficiency:Aneamia Poor immune function- Easily fall sick; An increased risk of infection; Low body temperature; Skin and hair depigmentation; Osteoporosis – Weak bones and quick muscle Loss; Bone fractures; Thyroid problems; Growth retardation; Delayed puberty; Brain tissue and nervous system damage; Cardiovascular disease;

In extreme cases, even Death! Therefore, we have established that Copper is a pretty important & basic mineral for many Bodily functions. You can read about this in detail in the blog Copper Deficiency 2021.

In this part of the article, we will tell you about the right usage of your copper bottle, so that, you can reap maximum benefits from it. Now that you know about the quality of your bottle, and also know how to maintain it, let us see how we will use this Magic Bottle:

  1. To reap medical benefits and fulfill Copper Mineral Supply: As we have explained, when you keep normal water in the Copper Bottle for 10-12 hours then the Olygodynamic effect happens and Copper ions get infused in the water. This water should be had first thing in the morning, empty stomach because you wake up after a fasting stage of 6-8 hours, and your stomach is acidic at that time. Hence, when you feed Copper water, which is alkaline in nature, your body ensures maximum absorption of this mineral and also balances your body’s pH.
  2. To use it as a normal water bottle: As per WHO, the surface of copper is completely anti-microbial (Research) which means No virus or Bacteria can sustain on Copper Metal Surfaces. This makes a Copper Bottle perfect water bottle to carry in these pandemic times when Viruses have now started to impact our health directly. While using it as a normal water bottle, make sure that you finish the water within 2-3 hours, so that Olygodynamic effect is low and you do not end up drinking only Copper Alkaline water all the time. Because, in a very rare and extreme case, Copper toxicity may occur. To read in detail about this you can check the blog Copper Deficiency 2021. There is a recommended intake that depends on various factors like age, gender, and lifestyle, but you will very rarely reach this limit because the body’s need is around 800-900 mcg/day on an average and 10-12 hours of Copper infusion gives around 300-400 mcg. Another reason that this will happen very rarely, the world as per WHO is moving towards Copper Deficiency, not Copper Surplus, due to our diet and lifestyle choices. This is a much-needed mineral, whose details have been covered in the article Copper Deficiency 2021. In other words, Copper Bottles are safe, safer than we can imagine!

Summary:Today we gave you a Complete User guide on maintenance, right scientific usage, and quality checks of a Copper Bottle. Next time when you are searching for a copper bottle online/offline do go through these points.We hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you have any questions regarding the usage, maintenance, or quality of a copper bottle, do let us know in the comments section or write to us directly at theamritlife@gmail.com

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