The Amrit Life Pure Copper Dispenser ( 4 to 16 Litres)

The Amrit Life Copper Dispenser is a Copper container with Tap that can contain up to 3 to 16 Liters of water. It comes with 1 Free Plain Copper Glass and a stand only in case of 5 Litres. The most popular dispenser in the market is the hammered dispenser and 5 Litres capacity is the most sold because it is perfect for a family of 2-5 members. The making of the hammered dispenser is shown below:

These dispensers look fantastic, however, since pure copper gets oxidized and turns black, hence, it’s outer cleaning is required. For that, you can order Amrit Pitambri, to keep it shiny as shown in the picture. At The Amrit Life, We divide our Dispensers into Two major categories.

1. By weight –

a) Medium Weight- 5 Litres and 11 litres – Good quality, Life 15-20 Years

b) Heavy Weight- 4, 8, 12 and 16 Litres- Super Heavy Quality, Life 25-30 Years

2. By Design –

a) Hammered Finish- 4, 5, 8, 12 and 16 Litres – Raw Glossy Copper finish, Hammered with Hand.

b) Meenakari Finish- 5 Litres and 11 Litres- An Enamel coat over the Print that stays and makes it look shiny, can be customized in any design.

If you do not want to the daily hassle of cleaning your Copper dispenser from the outside then one should go for Beautiful Meenakari (Enamel Coated) designs. Yes, Just like the Copper Bottles we do Meenakari on Copper Dispensers too.

Surprisingly, these meenakari dispensers have captured the market really well this Diwali, because they stay at one place, whereas if Meenakari Bottles fall it may dent the design. The best part about these designs, they do not require outer cleaning and inner cleaning is easy because the mouth of the dispenser is pretty wide.

Since this is a completely handmade product which takes care of your health, therefore, it’s care is required. The Design and Life of the product totally depend on the care you take of the product. Here are pictures of some hot selling meenakari Designs that we have done at The Amrit Life.

The process to Maintain/ Clean The Amrit Life Copper Dispenser:1. The Hammered dispenser will require both inner and outer cleansing with Amrit Pitambri

2. Water needs to be changed every 24 hours, you can use normal water or RO water.3. Meenakari dispensers do not require outer cleaning, a wet cotton cloth is sufficient. sufficient.

4. Copper vessels are only used to store water and Nothing Else!5. Take Care of your Copper Vessels, they will take care of you and your entire family.

Until next time, Be Desi!With Love, Nishant Raheja

Founder The Amrit Life

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