Packaged Plastic Drinking Water Bottles: A Boon or A Curse? How Copper is Cost Effective & Healthy?

According to the Trade Promotion Council of India, the packaged drinking water market in India was valued at $24 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $60 billion by the end of 2023. Interestingly, — 80% of this market is Unorganized!

Unfortunately, The bottled water from the unorganized sector is from unknown sources, unknown treatment, the plastic bottles are causing Chemical Danger not only to Humans as well as the environment in terms of waste as well as carbon footprint, and on top of it is Expensive and a Recurring cost.

All People know about all these negative problems and yet they consume them because they are not aware of a better alternative. Sadly, the customers also are aware that the tap water is more regulated than these unorganized bottles, as the municipality, as a rule, has it filtered and tested at regular intervals. But when they use plastic containers for storing or carrying it, they are adding to the problem instead of solving it. Hence millions of these people are knowingly harming themselves and the environment only because they do not see a better alternative. It is a cause of concern for them.

During this pandemic, this concern has multiplied with the pressing need for preventing infection. Safe hygienic drinking water is no longer a good-to-have product but a must-to-have product! Consumers are now eager to change their consumption behavior and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Hi, I am Nishant Raheja, Founder/CEO of Amrit Life and I have an effective, scientifically proved aesthetic and value for money solution for this enormous market. That is in the form of the fantastic wonder metal called Copper. We Indians know about this anti-microbial property of copper for thousands of years and it has been recently scientifically proved.

FUN FACT- Scientists studied the effect of storing water in a copper pot on microbially contaminated drinking water, including harmful bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella, Interestingly there was no bacteria or virus in the water after an hour! The whole world knows that keeping water overnight in a copper container makes it alkaline which has immense health benefits and carrying home filtered tap water in copper bottles is a permanent cost-effective aesthetic and safe solution.My market research showed people were apprehensive about the patina on copper vessels but for that, I have created a cheap and effective cleaning solution and beautifully enameled bottles which not only eliminates the problem of patina but also makes them prized passion and ideal gifting item.

I, being a certified fitness instructor, an engineer as well as an MBA have done extensive research for the last two years and have developed an effective network with the suppliers and the craftsmen, and have helped in designing and creating Copper containers ideal for solving this problem. We are also diversifying into brass and other oligodynamic metalware and my efficient supply chain have helped me to keep the costs minimal and price them attractively.

Right now, I know the huge market (remember the 80% of $60 billion markets) is ready for such a solution, I know the solution that Amrit life has is doable, I have proved it can be profitable and all I am looking for now is making it scaleable.

For that, I need your support.

I urge you to join me in harnessing this immense potential demand and in that process not only make perfect business sense but also contribute to conserving the environment and having a significant social impact.

Come let us Amrit life!PS- The video below will show, How to choose a perfect copper bottle for yourself and What problem The Amrit Life has solved when it comes to Copper getting black? Enjoy!

With Love, Nishant Raheja Founder/CEO

The Amrit Life


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