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I am Nishant Raheja (Founder/CEO) of The Amrit Life (www.theamritlife.com), which is a Premium Copper & Brass Wares store Online, where we make all kinds of Kitchenwares in Pure Copper and Brass.


The entire work is handmade and we only deal with Export Quality products. For Example, we have Copper Bottles, Tumblers, Dispensers, Bedside Jars, Straws, Tongue cleaners, Handi, Kadhai, and many other items made in Pure Armature Copper. The same items can be made in Brass which just enhances the life of the vessel with similar benefits.

BENEFITS OF COPPER WATER (Research link below)

Copper is an Olygodynamic metal that infuses ions into the water when kept for 10-12 hours, this alkaline water should be had first thing in the morning to have benefits related to Digestion, Heart, Joint, Memory, Metabolism, etc.

SELF SANITIZING SURFACE (A perfect gift of Health)

Copper is also completely anti-microbial which means no virus or bacteria can sustain it. Copper is self-sanitizing (WHO) and so is brass, because it is an alloy of Copper only (64% Cu, 32% Zinc), which is a way better alternative than cancer-causing Aluminium/Plastic Wares.


Anemia – Loss of Sleep;

Poor immune function- Easily fall sick;

An increased risk of infection;

Low body temperature;

Skin and hair depigmentation;

Osteoporosis – Muscle Loss;

Bone fractures;

Thyroid problems;

Growth retardation;

Delayed puberty;

Brain tissue and nervous system damage;

Cardiovascular disease;

In extreme cases, even Death!

This is our YouTube channel, we make good content that is purely backed by science!


Here are some Scientific Facts and Revelations that show :

How Copper Deficiency is now Becoming a worldwide common problem, especially, to those people who have a bad diet and poor lifestyle?


With Love,

Nishant Raheja


The Amrit Life


“Because Healthy Water is Human Right”

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