The Amrit Life – Summary of 1st year!

Introduction –At The Amrit Life, we have gathered our 5000 years old tradition under one umbrella. We have Pure Copperware, Brassware antiques, and Clayware cooking utensils, that are just meant to keep any human being healthy, and truly enhance the life span without any trivial diseases. Yes! We make people Desi!Amrit means “elixir” and so does the use of all our products portray.

Copper is an oligodynamic metal which infuses ions into the water when kept for 10-12 hours, this alkaline water should be had first thing in the morning to have benefits related to Digestion, Heart, Joint, Memory, Metabolism, etc. Clayware (Mitti), Cooking in Clayware utensils ensures 99% of the food nutrition value stays. Aluminum Cookware is very poisonous and reduces our lifespan in the long run. The Plus side of Clay cooked food is its awesome taste. Brassware antiques that we have are of superior quality and open a door into the world of meaningful gifting, that stay for a lifetime and even generations to come. We want to build a sustainable environment, where people actually think about the vessels/containers they are putting their food/water in.The Amrit Life Store:

Although the digital potential of this product is immense, however, we felt a brick and Mortar experience plays a crucial role. Hence, we have an up and running shop in Sector 11 Gurgaon. We have participated in various exhibitions, corporate events, where, people agreed to the Uniqueness of the product. This industry is huge, hence, for now, we have kept our major focus towards, Copperware, Brassware, and Clayware. Attaching pictures of the Store and our products.

Problem We have Solved:

One of the major issues with Copper, it gets oxidized and turns black. We have brought two solutions to this problem. 1. Pre-oxidized Antique Look- We simply oxidized it from outside, 2. Meenakari Designs- Handmade Glass coat over a customized print that stays. This can be done on any metal or ceramic surfaces that open up another tangent of business.Second, we have introduced superior export quality and unbeatable customer service support which is much needed in this kind of product. Third, the weight and purity check on all our products, which is not provided by dealers out there, hence, most of the time people end up buying unpure copper.Fourth, and most importantly, we spread apt knowledge about the usage of the product because, in the end, we are The Amrit Life, we are a lifestyle, not just a product.Our only motive is to make people as Desi as Possible, wait for the day when people won’t need masks and sanitizers, and our role will be a crucial one.

Be Desi!

Nishant Raheja

FounderThe Amrit Life8851336672www.theamritlife.com

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